Rev. Willie F. G-dman, Th.D.

Rev. Willie F. G-dman, Th.D. is the Associate Vice President of Student Services/ Dean of Students at the Interdenominational Theological Center. In 2012, he was accorded the rank of Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling within the Department of Psychology of Religion and Pastoral Care at ITC, where he taught graduate level courses in pastoral care, pastoral counseling, pastoral theology and psychology of religion. He developed courses that researched the intersectional a/effects of sexuality and spirituality in pastoral counseling, as well as his model of pastoral counseling with African American men, good-enough mentoring. This model was developed as research for his dissertation, Good-Enough Mentoring: A Method of Pastoral Counseling for the Black Pastoral Counselor Working with African American Men. Additionally, as Chaplain-Counselor he also provided individual, family and group pastoral counseling support for students, staff and faculty. His passion for teaching and administrative work continues to lead his research in practical academics.

As pastor of the Mt. Carmel Missionary Baptist Church and Christian Education Center, Inc., he facilitates the development of comprehensive spiritual formation for women, men and families in the life of the congregation. He also brings 30 years of professional experience as a pastor, church educator and in-depth parish care provision. His work in all of these areas has culminated in the building of integrative theological praxis for academic and congregational engagement in all sectors of community life. Dr. G-dman has been guest preacher and consultant with pastors and other congregational leaders. He has developed curricula for discipleship, diaconate, ministerial, stewardship and worship training. As a Baptist denominational leader, he consults cross denominationally by providing tangible resources for improving fiscal, mental, physical and spiritual responsibility and well-being within the life of their respective congregations.

Dr. G-dman earned his Doctor of Theology from the Interdenominational Theological Center in May 2001. He has also been featured as a guest presenter for several conferences and currently serves on several advisory boards and steering committees. He has developed a small referral-based practice as a clinician wherein he works with adults and families. He is currently developing the Willie F. G-dman Center for Education and Life, Inc. in collaboration with the men and women of his pastorate and the larger community in Duluth, GA. The vision for this non-profit center is the delivery of an interactive psycho-social cultural responsiveness to the comprehensive needs of males of African-descent as they pursue their life goals and dreams while self-integrating into the lives of their families, communities and the world around them.

Additionally, he is purposefully moving forward in developing stand-alone methods in Black masculinist theology of liberation, which can be methodologically akin to womanist theology and Black pastoral counseling while being grounded in the general disciplines of Black theology of liberation and pastoral counseling (care). This study has led him to integrate discussions of sexuality and its diverse identifications and expressions. He has worked to specifically give voice to the experience of males of African-descent and the specific healthful initiatives that this group brings to multi-layered psycho-social cultural discussions. This voice is expected to bring and help establish new norms when considering spiritual and social health and wellbeing.