Student & Community Life

Student Life is about more than just academics. It is about the personal growth and development that comes from being an active participant in a community of individuals. It is about the learning that comes when interacting with people from different backgrounds. It is about engaging in activities for which individuals feel passionate while taking time to try something totally new and outside their comfort zone.

Student Life at ITC emphasizes all of this and more. With a diverse selection of student organizations, a great location downtown location in the heart of Atlanta, students can experience the life of a seminarian as it was meant to be. Don’t believe it? Explore everything ITC has to offer and see for yourself!


The Office of Student and Community Life (OSCL) has administrative oversight for all student affairs. It’s primary goals are to promote the spiritual, academic, and personal well-being of all persons in the ITC community and to enhance the overall esprit de corps at the school. The Office of Student and Community Life coordinates the rental of ITC apartments, disability support services, and production of the annual Community Calendar. The OSCL Director serves as administrative advisor to all classes (junior, middler, senior), male and female seminarians, the Student Christian League, Theta Phi Honor Society and other clubs and organizations. OSCL serves as an advocate for students.

Also, the Office of Student and Community Life coordinates a wide range of services, programs and activities, including community-wide outings, “A Taste of ITC,” blood drives, information on available off-campus housing, scholarship educational opportunities, and limited employment opportunities, as well as local public school information. This office collaborates with sister seminaries, the United Negro College Fund, and schools within the Atlanta University Consortium to offer programs and activities that complement the theological education experience. Late office hours on Mondays are available to our evening students to further assist them in community life and classes.


ITC is a consortium of five seminaries with a sixth entity, an ecumenical fellowship of non-denominational or denominations other than the five affiliate schools. This adds to the richness and diversity of experiences at the ITC.

Within the community are Academic, Social, and Service Clubs and other organizations covering a full range of student needs and interests. OSCL has it all! The Student Christian League (SCL) on campus provides the governance structure that promotes school spirit and positive leadership activities along with the Director for Student and Community Life.

Student Process for Requesting ADA Accommodations

OSCL is pleased to offer a variety of activities including :

Back to school socials

Book signings

Mission/Outreach opportunities

Spring Break activities

Ecumenical Services - Late Night

A Taste of ITC

Special Exhibits

Tutoring for persons requiring those services

Special Chapel events

Programs for Stopping Violence Against Women

Tutoring for persons requiring those services

Special Chapel events

Special Chapel events

Social events throughout the year and during the Christmas season

Leadership Motivation Seminars

Make possible "Movie Night" during the academic year

And, much, much more!