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We believe that it is our duty to define global economic justice as the ethical imperative for the 21st century.

The Epitome of a Morehouse Preacher

Dr. Otis Moss Jr.,  is a distinguished Morehouse School of Religion graduate. Ebony Magazine has recognized him as one of the greatest black preachers in America.
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The Morehouse School of Religion believes that the 21st century church’s ethical imperative is to preach and advocate for human and economic justice which is income and wealth equalities among brothers and sisters.
Learn more about our history which began in the Civil War era and continues through the Civil Rights, Black Power and Black Lives Matter eras.
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New Dean of The Morehouse School of Religion

Joseph Evans is the Dean of the Morehouse School of Religion, associate professor of Homiletics at the Interdenominational Theological Center and author of Lifting the Veil Over Eurocentrism: The Du Boisian Hermeneutic of Double Consciousness published by Africa World Press (2014). His newest book’s working title is Reconciliation and Reparation: Preaching Economic Justice in the African American Church is expected by Judson Press (Spring 2018).  In addition, Dean Evans is the author of numerous scholarly articles that include “The Radical Nature of the Du Boisian Metanarrative and Economic Reparations” in the Homiletic (Spring 2016) and “Vernon Johns and the Romance With Death” in the American Baptist Quarterly (February 2017). Gardner Taylor once described Evans as one of the “brilliant preachers of his generation.”